My Offerings

“To give without expectation of return tastes so good.”

My little goal here is to provide online services as well as local. On the site you’ll find free asana practice through video instruction, guided meditation and concentration practice, informative, light-hearted and real blog posts alongside video interviews of like-minded individuals under R.E.A.L Talk.

If you would like a specialized practice crafted just for your personal needs, I offer a free 20 minute consultation to see what steps we can take to realign your mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Locally, I teach yoga around St.Pete, Florida. You can go to My Classes and pop in to say hi. I’d love to see that beautiful face of yours!

One day I will expand into retreats and more workshops. But there is no rush with the nature of this idea. I hope to grow Dawn Movement organically, and heal together authentically.

I wish to promote honest, quality content in order to inspire those who wish to nourish their own gardens of life with richness.

The divinity within me, bows to the divinity within you.

It’s time to realize our Self. It’s time to live.


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